Nick DeMarco

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Nick DeMarco is a licensed NYS attorney and real estate broker who grew up in a construction family.  He is the proud grandson of a mason, Joe DeMarco, on his father’s side of the family, and a carpenter and contractor, Phil LaMantia, on his mother’s side of the family.  Prior to graduating from law school and becoming an attorney, Nick worked for his uncle’s masonry company and a local flooring contractor for several years.  This eventually led him to start rehabilitating houses with his father, Jim DeMarco, in 2017.  

After being admitted to practice law in January 2015, Nick continued to work in construction and his legal practice naturally grew to focus on business and real estate matters, particularly those concerning contractors, developers, and other construction businesses throughout New York State.  He always maintained his passion and love for real estate, however, and he started a real estate brokerage, DeMarco Brothers Holdings, LLC, with his brother, Vinny DeMarco, in 2018.

With his father retiring and the demands of a legal career growing, Nick DeMarco teamed up with Brady Phelps to co-found Maverick Real Properties in August of 2022.  

Brady Phelps

Chief Operations Officer/Co-Founder

Brady Phelps is a licensed real estate salesperson with a background in sales and management of a construction equipment dealership. Before obtaining his license, Brady learned about real estate from the transactional perspective while working with his aunt, who assisted him with his own real estate transactions. In 2022 he joined Nick DeMarco to co-found Maverick Real Properties, LLC.

Ray Battista, III

Chief Business Officer