Bring Your Real Estate Dreams To Life

Maverick works with a team of experienced, talented contractors, subcontractors, real estate professionals, and lenders to provide its clients and customers with full-spectrum real estate services and consultation.  Although dealing with real estate can be daunting, Maverick works with its customers to provide comfort, transparency, and candid advice while assisting them with purchasing, selling, remodeling, refinancing, assigning, wholesaling, or customizing the real estate vision of their dreams.

Buy or Sell

Maverick is partnered with a real estate brokerage and through The Maverick Team at DeMarco Brothers Holdings we can assist you with all of your buying or selling needs.  With our specialized team, we also focus on working with prospective home buyers to locate a property in their dream neighborhood – even if it is distressed – acquiring it and renovating it to become their dream home.  We will assist you with your transaction from its inception to its closing and beyond.

Finance and Flip

Need assistance with financing a deal or a flip? Fostering established relationships with banks and investors alike, Maverick provides its clients with multiple financing roadmaps to get your deal or project done.  No deal or project is too big or too small for our team to work with you, and we will always make time to consult with you in finding the most suitable and advantageous plan to bring your ideas to life.


Maverick Real Properties has years of experience working with tenured and licensed subcontractors to customize homes, mixed-use properties and commercial buildings. With a sharp eye for modern trends and a focus on quality craftsmanship we hold ourselves to the highest standard in getting your project completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Distressed property? Whether your circumstances involve a financially distressed or physically distressed property, Maverick can assist you. We work with a team of reputable local contractors, attorneys, lenders, and other real estate professions and will evaluate and acquire properties that need rehabilitation, are in foreclosure, or otherwise have unique circumstances affecting the property. Contact us today for more details or to discuss your distressed property!

Experience the Maverick Approach

We invite Realtors and potential home buyers to explore opportunities with us.

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